Friday, February 20, 2009

UN envoy tours Sri Lankan government run relief camps

I've been reading many posts on pro-LTTE websites claiming that the relief camps run by the Sri Lankan government are little more than concentration camps and that the civilians in those camps have limited access to food and medicine.

Interestingly enough John Holmes, the UN's senior humanitarian official toured these government run camps today (Friday the 20th of Febuary). His findings concluded that food and shelter are adequate and that the camps for Sri Lanka's displaced appeared to meet international standards.

Funny how the pro-LTTE terrorist websites all got their facts completely wrong. I guess their source for this information must be the individuals who are shooting at civilians trying to exit the conflict areas...

Online petition over the protest staged by the YUTSA

An online petition has been created to be sent to York University over the recent protest that was held on university premises by the York University's Tamil Student Association. The petition is as follows:


On February 17th 2009, there was a very serious incident that occurred on York University campus. The York University Tamil Students Association (YUTSA) held a rally for a separate state in Sri Lanka in support of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), arguably the most lethal and well organized terrorist group in the world. It was insulting enough that YUTSA waved the LTTE flags but they took it much further by lighting the Sri Lankan Flag on fire. This insult to all Sri Lankans was perpetrated in front of Vari Hall for thousands to witness. Furthermore, when a Sri Lankan student tried to stop them by putting out the fire, these members of YUTSA began a physical altercation with the student. The Sri Lankan community in Canada and abroad are outraged by these acts of hate directed towards all Sri Lankans.

People are questioning how this could happen on the campus of an educational institution. We put the blame solely in the hands of York University and the clubs that organized it; how can a university allow a rally in support of terrorism, and have the burning of a flag go unpunished? We also put the blame on YFS (York Federation of Students) and USAY (United South Asians at York) as they both helped to organize and supported the rally. The university should be ashamed of what it has let happen on its property. We would like to thank the York security and the York regional police who stepped in to put an end to the rally before it began to escalate even further. We are fed up with how the university has dealt with YUTSA’s support of the LTTE over and over through out the past couple of years. It seems to be the situation we Sri Lankans have to face every year at York. We have seen terrorist flags raised on campus property for the past few years and it seems that York administration is turning a blind eye to the situation. A Sri Lankan flag is burned, York University shrugs its shoulders. Will it take the assault of a Sri Lankan student to finally get the attention of York University? We demand that YUTSA discontinues the use of the LTTE terrorist flag, we demand that York University takes action against YUTSA for burning the Sri Lankan national flag. The Sri Lankan community of Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays also asks for an apology from YUTSA and York University! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IN SUPPORT!

Click here to sign

Civilian abuse by the LTTE

Human Rights Watch one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights released a comprehensive report in December outlining how the LTTE terrorist group abuses civilians in the areas under their control. Read the complete report here.

Human sheilds

I'm glad the international media is picking up on the truth behind the trapped civilians in Sri Lanka. This clip which is a couple of days old is from the Indian news channel: IBNLive

True, there are thousands of civilians trapped in a what has now become an active conflict zone due to the advances made by the Sri Lankan Army. This was an orchestrated consequence of the rapid gain in territory and the Sri Lankan army have repeatedly stated that they are providing safe passage to any civilians entering government controlled areas via the safe zones and safe passage routes that have been setup.

Depite 20,000 or so civilians coming out of these conflict areas using these safe routes the majority remain trapped in this area despite the best efforts of the IFRC, the UN and other international humanitarian groups to extract them. And all current evidence suggests that the LTTE terrorist group, are using these non-combatants as human sheilds.

A Media report from Al Jazeera published on the 17th of Febuary states that: "Tamil rebels have prevented thousands of civilians from leaving Sri Lanka's war zone and also used force against them, the UN says."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) stages a protest in support of the LTTE Terrorist Organization

York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) staged a protest on the 18th of Feb claiming genocide by the Sri Lankan government towards the Tamil people in Northern Sri Lanka.

Despite waving the LTTE flag around, burning the Sri Lankan national flag and making a general ruckus; the claims raised during that protest of genocide and marginalization by the Government of Sri Lanka have no basis or fact.

1. Claims of Genocide: There is no genocide in Sri Lanka. If any claim of genocide to be made; it should be made against the LTTE Terrorist Organization. The UN claims the LTTE is preventing civilians from leaving conflict zones. The BCC has a collaborating article which goes onto state that despite evidence to the contrary, the LTTE disputes claims that its using civilians as human shields. But who are we going to believe? The UN or a terrorist organization that is guilty of orchestrating a suicide bomb attack on a relief camp setup for very population that they are claiming to be protecting?

While the terrorists are doing their level best to disrupt the flow of civilians from the conflict zones to areas where they are safe and can obtain food and medical assistance; the Sri Lankan Government has been providing them with food, medicine and working with International aid organizations to facilitate safe passage for the people caught in the crossfire. So what's all this about genocide again? Did someone say false propaganda?

2. Marginalization:
What a lot of people fail to recognize is that the modern socio-economic environment in Sri Lanka is a far cry from the Sri Lanka of 20 years ago. Just because African Americans were marginalized 20 years ago in the southern American States does that mean its like that now? No, exactly. Modern Sri Lanka is a multicultural society. Diversity laws are in place to ensure that Sinhalese and Tamil members of Sri Lankan society have equal access to schooling and equal opportunity in the workplace. These diversity laws allow individuals from minority groups and rural areas preferable access to higher education, much like the system that is in place here in Canada. In fact before he was assassinated by the LTTE terrorist organization Lakshman Kadirgamar, an eminent Tamil lawyer and Sri Lanka's former Foreign Minister, was the favoured prime-ministerial candidate of the political party that was in office at the time. Its akin to Obama becoming president; and if it wasn't for the LTTE terrorist organization like Obama, Sri Lanka too would have had a person from a minority in high political office. Lakshman Kadiragama is only an example, in actuality the LTTE terrorist organization has assassinated many other prominent members of Sri Lanka's Tamil community. For a minority having elected politicians to promote issues that are important to them as a group is often the best way to fight marginalization. So how come the LTTE terrorist group keeps assassinating these individuals while groups that support the LTTE terrorist organization such as York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) keep harbouring on about marginalization? It doesn't make sense does it?

In my opinion the protest was based on fallacy, and was merely an excuse to misguide York's student body. If anyone can substantiate any of the claims made by this group, I'd be very interested to hear them.

Toronto's Tamil diaspora protest against 'genocide'.

Genocide? Well if that's the case then its the LTTE committing genocide.

The Government of Sri Lanka has not prevented civilians form leaving the conflict areas in fact the Sri Lankan army is actively trying to extract the remaining civilian population, despite the Terrorist best efforts to disrupt that process by firing on civilians trying leave conflict zones and orchestrating a suicide bomb attack at a camp for displaced civilians.

So why would a Terror group claiming to represent Tamil rights in northern Sri Lanka deny parts of very population they claim to protect, gaining access to medicine, food and shelter? I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine, but logic states that the civilians are being used as a human shield by the LTTE.

Accusations of genocide in Sri Lanka

Enough Already with the Genocide Talk: By John Thompson the President of the Mackenzie Institute which studies political instability and terrorism. He can be reached at:

The accusations of genocide in Sri Lanka are getting annoying... and not in the usual ways. Anybody who takes the charge seriously betrays a highly annoying ignorance about the state of affairs between Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Genocide is not happening in Sri Lanka. Plenty of other nasty things are; but genocide is not one of them.

The LTTE and its supporters in the international Tamil Diaspora they dominate would like us to slap the label of 'genocide' onto the Sri Lankan government. Ignore this campaign.

Forget the 'black hat' vs. 'white hat' morality play. In fact, forget this when looking at any civil war in any country. Where human beings are involved, nothing is ever simple.

It seems that everyone knows that in Sri Lanka, some 75% or so of the population are Sinhalese and therefore mostly Buddhist; some 15% are Tamil and mostly Hindu; and the rest are Muslim, Burghers, Malays, etc. But things still aren't that simple.

The Tamils alone have numerous cleavages based on the antiquity of their community in Sri Lanka, their caste, the main local occupation; etc, etc. Moreover, in many rural communities, telling these Dravidian people apart is impossible, especially as intermarriage and all the other little human connections come into play.

Yet the LTTE claims to represent all Tamils on the Island; and murdered tens of thousands of them to underscore the point. They've killed Tamils from rival insurgent movements, from federalist parties, schoolteachers who wouldn't let them recruit children from their classrooms, people who wouldn't pay extorted 'war taxes', and many more.

When engaged in 'Ethnic Cleansing' (a favorite LTTE activity a few years back), it was hard to segregate Sinhalese from Tamils from Muslims when walloping machetes into panicked villagers in the middle of the night. Grenades tossed in crowded cellars aren't discriminating either. Truck bombs rammed into office towers and time bombs on crowded buses also couldn't differentiate between Sinhalese and Tamils.

Many observers who pay close attention to the 35 year history of the LTTE believe that the Tigers have killed more Tamils than the government. It's also true that the government has killed more Sinhalese than the Tamil Tigers ever managed: In the past 40 years two uprisings by Maoist Sinhalese were suppressed with extreme ruthlessness and tens of thousands died. Sri Lanka has been far more discriminating in fighting the Tamil Tigers.

The Sri Lankan government is certainly guilty of human rights abuses, and the current government's behaviour can be very troubling. Yet genocide is one crime that they cannot be accused of; no matter how shrill the wailing from Tiger's propaganda outlets.

Lately, those outlets have been shrill indeed. After 25 years of guerrilla warfare and 35 years of terrorism, the Tigers are finally being crushed. Whole regions of the country have been quiet for months, the Tiger air force has vanished, their artillery has been captured, and their founder and leader has apparently deserted his remaining forces.

But like Hitler or Saddam Hussein; Vellupillai Prabhakaran is not above sacrificing anybody his followers can compel into service. As the last guerrilla forces retreated into their final sanctuary, they dragged in every Tamil civilian they could find as a human shield.

Now, the Tigers are screaming that genocide is being perpetrated on their human shields... Well, this could be easily solved by laying down their arms and surrendering; but instead they seem determined to fight to the death.

The Tigers under siege are screaming for food and medical aid to be sent to their hostages. The Sri Lankan Army doesn't share this misplaced compassion.

The Tigers are screaming for a cease-fire. Every ceasefire that occurred in the past 25 years was used as an opportunity to re-arm and re-fit, before the Tigers ended it with a new offensive. The Sri Lankan government can be forgiven for preferring surrender to a cease-fire.

Wars are terrible things, and it is best that they be ended - not be prolonged. The Sri Lankan Civil War, after over 70,000 dead and 25 years of ruin and expense, is finally coming to an end. Let it end.

Canada should retract its call for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, and instead call on the Tigers to surrender. As for those people busy pressing the 'genocide' button; leave it alone. It won't work if it keeps being misused.

The Mackenzie Institute

The Institute was formed in 1986 to provide research and comment on such diverse subjects as terrorism, organized crime, political extremism, propaganda, conflict and other such matters. It does not shy away from controversy.

The Institute holds to the proposition that our democratic institutions need to be defended and enhanced, and works to do what it can to protect the stability of Canadian society.

Those who support its purposes are invited to become Friends of the Institute, and those who contribute $60 (or more) to it, receive its publications for the next twelve months.
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Speech by Sri Lankan Consulate General Bandula Jayasekara on the 61st Independance day celebration

Iron Curtains in Toronto

Iron Curtains in Toronto is by Bandula Jayasekara- Sri Lanka’s Consul General for Toronto and it was published in a Sri Lankan daily: 'The Daily Mirror' - 19/02/2009

Why do people take wings to another country? Because they think they could better their lives, integrate with others and live peacefully. They all come in search of a new beginning. But, what happens when those dreams are shattered and they have to some time live like slaves, live with fear and intimidation. What happens when most of them are allowed to integrate with others but, are forced to listen to lies and terrorist propaganda and even their children born here are forced to hate other communities and brainwashed.

That is what has happened to most of our Sri Lankan Tamil brothers and sisters living in Toronto. We all know that they are cultured people and they know the value of education. But, they are not allowed to have their free will and live the way they want to. Most of them are bombarded with Tamil hatred Tiger propaganda with hundreds of newspapers, radio and television channels and websites. They are separated from others. Though we have proudly shared the Sinhala/Tamil New Year for several centuries the Tamil Tigers/supporters are trying to remove the word Sinhala here. Earlier members of the Sri Lankan community had got together annually to have a day of fun at the Wonderland in Toronto. The LTTE terrorists had successfully divided that too using threats and intimidation. It is very sad how they have failed to learn the Canadian values of sharing and Canadian multiculturalism even after 25 years. How could one community be harassed like this by supporters of terrorism in a Western democracy? How come they are forced to close their shops and other work places to ‘celebrate’ the birthday of a terrorist leader who is wanted for the killing of the grandson of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and thousands of innocent people and wanted by the Interpol? How come they don’t respect Canada the same way and close shops on Canada Day, questioned a Sri Lankan Tamils who face harassment by them.

Reports say that nearly 8000 former LTTE terrorists are here in Canada, mainly Toronto. It is time they stop even small scale threats to others even now because they have left their guns and cyanide capsules behind.

Though the media here identify the LTTE as Tamil Tigers, I do not like to use the word Tamil to describe this terrorist organization though I have no choice at times. It is because by using the word Tamil, it brings disgrace to innocent, respected and peace loving Tamils living in Sri Lanka and all over the world. It is time we look for a new word to describe them.


When the Sri Lankan cricket team was in Toronto, a so called community newspaper described by many as supportive/sympathetic to the terrorists had its photo caption “Tamils protest against Sri Lankan cricket team” It hurt the sentiments of innocent Sri Lankan Tamils living in Toronto because most of them defied the orders of terrorist supporters and cheered for the Sri Lankan team. Cricket is a religion in Sri Lanka and a game that bonds. Our Sri Lankan Tamils were hurt that terrorist supporters tried to break that bond. My table of twelve at the gala dinner had six Sri Lankan Tamils. They are true Sri Lankans with no malice.

Sinhala, Muslim, Malay, Burgher and our Sri Lankan Tamil brothers and sisters who had defied the LTTE terrorists are saddened that many Sri Lankan Tamils are harassed here and they are forced to part even with the little money they earn here. One person, I met at the Temple told me “We all are working hard to make a living here. But, I am sad that our Tamil brothers and sisters have to give even from that small amount they earn to these terrorists.” Most of them are coming out in the open without fear after the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper banned the LTTE and the WTM as terrorist organizations. However, many of them are still scared to come to the open for fear of threats from the LTTE terrorists.

Dreams do come true

We as Sri Lankans with the help of Canadians are trying hard to bring people together, bring them out of the terror caves of the LTTE terrorists and their supporters here. The task is hard here than back home, because of the damage the terrorist supporters have done and the hatred they have created among young children who were born here. They have never seen Sri Lanka but brainwashed heavily under the winds of democracy in Canada. Do you think there is a worse crime than brainwashing innocent children? That too whilst living in a country which practices multiculturalism.

We believe that terrorists can shed their stripes. Once a terrorist does not always have to remain a terrorist. It is not impossible. Sri Lanka proved to the world by bringing the second in command of the LTTE terrorists, Karuna to the parliament and man others to the democratic path.

Our dream here is to bring all Sri Lankans together. Many dreams do come true

So the blog's up

I've been toying with the idea of throwing a blog together for a while and current events in Toronto led me to take the plunge. This city is seething with political undercurrents which are coming to a head now that the war in Sri Lanka has intensified.

Though there are already view points aplenty, most of them are biased and indirectly support the LTTE. Some through sheer ignorance / gullibility believe the propaganda that is churned out by the many front organizations that the LTTE shelters behind and fail to consider the other side of the coin.

People with veiwpoints need a platform to speak out responsiably and hopefully this will the place to do it.