Friday, February 20, 2009

Human sheilds

I'm glad the international media is picking up on the truth behind the trapped civilians in Sri Lanka. This clip which is a couple of days old is from the Indian news channel: IBNLive

True, there are thousands of civilians trapped in a what has now become an active conflict zone due to the advances made by the Sri Lankan Army. This was an orchestrated consequence of the rapid gain in territory and the Sri Lankan army have repeatedly stated that they are providing safe passage to any civilians entering government controlled areas via the safe zones and safe passage routes that have been setup.

Depite 20,000 or so civilians coming out of these conflict areas using these safe routes the majority remain trapped in this area despite the best efforts of the IFRC, the UN and other international humanitarian groups to extract them. And all current evidence suggests that the LTTE terrorist group, are using these non-combatants as human sheilds.

A Media report from Al Jazeera published on the 17th of Febuary states that: "Tamil rebels have prevented thousands of civilians from leaving Sri Lanka's war zone and also used force against them, the UN says."

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