Monday, November 30, 2009

The war is over but the acts of hatred continue

Much to the dismay of my Pro-LTTE brethren who hail from Sri Lanka the civil war is over. There are no LTTE Terrorist controlled areas in Sri Lanka and there certainly is no de facto terrorist run governing authority in the East and the North of the country anymore.

The Sri Lankan government forces won, took back control of Sri Lanka and expunged the country of what LTTE scum they could find. Lets face it the civil unrest in Sri Lanka is at another stage. The main guns behind the war are now contesting Presidential Elections even: Mahinda is saying he wants to stay on and 'develop' the country and Sarath says he's contesting because wants to abolish the executive presidency and public corruption. But I digress, that is another can of worms altogether, lets get back to Toronto:

There was an uneasy tension in the air between the pro-LTTE elements in Toronto and the Sinhalese minority after the country was unified but I thought it was getting better? I thought Pro-LTTE elements were adapting to the new situation and were looking to democratically bring about a solution to the ethnic strife in Sri Lanka?

Things in my world certainly were slowly coming back around. The round-the-clock mid-night patrols by citizen vigilantes at the various Buddhist temples ended; and I quietly started making my way back into the various Tamil bakeries and kottu shops, for social unrest or not you can't really grudge a Sri Lankan access to a decent kottu and lampris feed now can you?

But exactly does this recent act of hatred mean? Is this a response to Sarath announcing his intention to contest the upcoming Presidential elections? Does this mean more acts of random terror will follow? Are more Sinhalese Buddhist temples to be attacked cowardly overnight? Are more Sinhalese restaurant owners to be intimidated? And to what end?

The LTTE Terrorist Organization victimized Sinhalese and Tamils back in Sri Lankan through acts of random terror and it looks like their goons are doing the same here in Canada.

arson at the temple AGAIN???

Monday, November 2, 2009

As ignorant as I am...

I can spot passion and a well written blog post. I was sent this link on facebook and think the post is an absolute scorcher ! I've reproduced it below for your reading pleasure:

As posted on on 2nd November 2009:


Radhika I read that you are planning to bring yet another UN official, Maj.General. Patrick Cammaert to inspect the IDP camps. The camps have already been inspected by Sir John Holmes, Lord Naseby, Ban Ki Moon, Congress members from USA, the delegation from South India plus innumerable others. In addition we have UN organizations and workers helping in the camps, 52 NGOS & INGOS you name it they are all there. You want to bring yet another person to inspect as if the camps have not been inspected enough. I am not sure what you hope to achieve other than provide Maj. Cammaert with a nice holiday in Sri Lanka. He will probably go back and make out a report which will be dictated by you.

If you are truly concerned as the rest of UN on Human Rights, how come no one at the UN has raised a word against carpet bombing of Baghdad by USA to capture Saddam Hussein? How many innocent men, women, and CHILDREN died in the waves of “shock and awe” bombings? It is estimated to close to a million people died. How many refugees were created in Iraq ? Even two weeks ago when Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and Afghanistan to improve relations with US there, she was questioned about the civilian casualties which had been caused by the bombing raids of US forces. Her answer was “Our two countries are fighting a common enemy. Some civilian casualties are inevitable in trying to destroy the enemy”. Why do the UN, USA, EU have double standards when it comes to civilian casualties in trying to fight terrorism ? When it is done by these countries, it is acceptable collateral damage. When it happens in a poor helpless country such as Sri Lanka, it is considered a war crime. How about investigating the child abuses in the Catholic church? Over $2 billion had been paid out by the Church to silence the abused children in USA alone. How about child abuse in Brazil, and all the poor countries by the Catholic Church? How about helping the Tamil Dalit children in Tamil Nadu? The children of the Dalits are forced under institutionalized slavery to scrape human fecal matter off the roads into tin cans. If you have not already seen the film “Slum dog Millionaire” I suggest you watch it along with your UN colleagues.

Radhika, you studied in Sri Lanka at Government expense, enjoyed the benefits of free medical care, and your father was appointed as an Ambassador for the Sri Lanka Government which enabled you to move abroad, further your studies in USA, and later contact all VIPs and land a job at the UN (that was done under GoSL sponsorship). Now you are using that same position at the UN to make out that the Tamils are discriminated against in Sri Lanka.

Was your family, as Tamils, ever discriminated against ? If so, how did your father end in the top echelons of the Sri Lanka diplomatic service ? Your father was a good man and he must be now turning in his grave when he sees what you are up to. He was a man of integrity and did his duty by the country.

What have you done Radhika? You have used every opportunity to lie about Sri Lanka to the International Community, to fan the flames of racial hatred, to use cheat and deceit at every turn to bring down the country which nurtured, respected and protected you.

We have not forgotten the R2P incident either which involved ICES, the Research Institute in Lanka, of which you are the Directress.

During the last stages of the the battle with the LTTE, the Sri Lanka army soldiers made many sacrifices to save the civilians. There are many stories which the IDPs have told about the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers. There are pictures of the soldiers carrying old Tamil women on their back because they were too weak to walk in flooded waters. The war could have been finished last year if the Sri Lanka government decided to do what the USA did in Baghdad and just carpet bomb the entire area of the LTTE with the civilians. Instead they chose to carefully target only the terrorist cadre. As a result their losses were high and the war dragged on for a longer time. Do the UN or the Western countries acknowledge this sacrifice by the Sri Lanka Government and the forces?

Do you know why, in spite of all the money the Tamil diaspora spent to bring down Sri Lanka, the country is still standing? It is because Truth is a very powerful thing ! The entire LTTE movement was based on a huge lie, as was the Tamil Diaspora lies against the Sinhalese. When the Tamil diaspora were panting after acquisition of the jewel in the Indian Ocean for them selves and spent close to $4.5 Billion in arms (which are now in the bottom of the Indian ocean and in the hands of the Sri Lanka army) just as they thought they had it in their grasp they lost it all. Don’t you think that this POWER whatever name we call it (God, Allah, Truth, Dharma etc.,) has a sense of humor?All people from the countries which were colonized by the British are now walking the streets in England. It is the same in France and Europe. Some in the Tamil Diaspora abroad think that that other people are really stupid and only they are clever. Every scam they have pulled as come to nought and the more they are caught with lies the less believable they become to other people. How come no one has asked the opinion of the Tamils who have lived in Sri Lanka for the last 30 years among the Sinhalese.

In 1948, when Sri Lanka became Independent we decided to provide free education, free medical care and free food for people with incomes below a certain level. There was no discrimination against Tamil or Sinhalese. Everyone got the same. Even the Tamil Dalits who came ILLEGALLY across the Palk Straits as Sakkilis to carry the buckets from the Colombo homes got the same benefits. I remember standing in the line at CWE with my rice ration book to collect the parboiled rice at subsidized price along with some of these people. Such was the fair play in Lanka.

You appear to be an ungrateful person and I can guarantee none of the wealth you have amassed by cheat and deceit toward Lanka will do you any good. Just like Raj Rajaratnam and Bernard Madoff that money will do you no good.

Your parents & your brother were decent people. What happened to you? Are you doing all this out of fear of LTTE or for the money, or both. I think it is for the money. A day may come when you may not have your privileged position. There are people in Sri Lanka who will remember what you did against the country.

Having lived in Sri Lanka even though you are not a Buddhist you may have absorbed a little bit of the Buddhist culture which gave you the free education and medical care. In addition, this feeling of ‘Anicca’ which pervades the lives of the Sinhalese is what makes them so liberal, because they know that they are not going to live forever and that they cannot carry any thing out of this world. In the end all you have is your good name and the feeling in your Heart that you lived the good life. Even at this late stage you can change. Always remember : “Dhammo bhave rakkhati Dhamma chari” (those who live by the Dharma are protected by the Dharma).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heroics at York University

Like most expatriates, I've been distracted lately. Distracted by the daily grind, the economy, and well by life in general. Once the seething mass of pro-LTTE Tamil and their cries of 'genocide' receded away from the streets of Toronto the war in Sri Lanka and its related aftermath slipped from slipped mind.

I'm a bit embarrassed, but its true. Like most Canadians, if people aren't protesting on a highway or holding up my subway-line, I'm content to do my nine to five and let the daily grind wash over me.

However I DID hear of something that really made me sit up and take notice and also make me very much aware of my own apathy.

This apparently happened at the start of summer, during one of the pro-LTTE protests that the York Tamil Students Union organized. Apparently towards the tail end of the proceeding after the Tamil Students Union march around campus waving the LTTE flag and making a general ruckus about the LTTE Terrorist group; a Sri Lankan flag was held up and torched.

A Sri Lankan international student who was watching the proceedings apparently ran into the mob of pro-LTTE supporters grabbed the flag away from them, put out the fire and triumphantly held up the burnt remains of the Sri Lankan national flag.

Now the pro-LTTE supporters here in Canada are a violent bunch to say the least, and have been known to carry firearms and various blunt and sharp weaponry; so for a lone individual to rush in to grab a burning flag off these louts and symbolically put it out; is in my opinion a pretty big deal.

You'll see what I mean when you see the attached video: The flag burning starts at around 6.01 in the timeline and almost immediately you'll see someone rush in and grab the burning flag, put it out and walk around definitely with it.

Its a pretty gutsy thing to do I must say:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Colombo or Jaffna?

So there I am buying a suit at a large department store when the chap fitting me for it in the chatty way that salesmen have, asks me where I'm from. Now I get asked that all the time (I obviously stand out as an immigrant, or perhaps its because I keep saying 'men' and 'no' after everything in an annoying Colombo accent) and I mumbled out "Sri Lanka" while doing my best to holding my gut in and stand up straight.

"Sri Lanka?" He says straightening up; "Oh so are you from Colombo or from Jaffna?" Now this floored me. Most suddha buggers don't even know where Sri Lanka is let alone its capital and the northern most city. I started paying more attention to him and mumbled out "Colombo" while looking over at the guy to follow his train of thought. "Oh, so you're one of the ones that oppose the freedom struggle and are against the Tamils." The guy says nonchalantly while flipping the measuring tape over his shoulders. Then almost apologetically he continues, "Its cool, I mean its good you guys aren't just rolling over and giving in."

I stare blankly at him for a bit while trying to make sense of the whole thing. I was uncomfortable as it is with another guy holding measuring tape up to my nether regions, but this was a whole new ball game. At least I was prepared for the tape, no one told me I'd have to field allegations while on the tailor's block as well!

I stepped off the block and proceeded to brief him on the whole civil conflict in Sri Lanka but I could tell he wasn't really listening. I even told him that even though I was from Colombo I supported a democratic process and the move for freedoms and equality of all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. I even went so far as to explain how the military victory was but a temporary solution to the conflict and that we needed to push forward with a democratic solution that all sides accepted; but He wasn't really interested in the details. I could tell he was just agreeing to what I said as I was his customer; I got the feeling he was embarrassed he had brought it up and was just nodding and smiling to defuse things a bit.

I walked away from it all feeling a bit nonplussed about the whole experience, and was left wondering exactly WHAT the take on the Sri Lanka civil war is amongst the general Canadian public...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pacifists wanted. Flag waving louts: hang on a bit please....

I agree, the defeat of the LTTE militarily is without doubt is the best thing that has happened in Sri Lanka's in recent history. However what's with the louts and their flag waving ways people?

I understand the jubilation and the need to express elation at finally being rid of the terrorist that was on everyone's back. If I were in Sri Lanka I'd probably feel happy too and like most, might smile benevolently at the local banda's staggering about waving flags and lighting fireworks; but really is that stuff helping anyone?

I mean crowds of predominantly Sinhalese and Muslim crowds driving around Sri Lanka chanting pro-government slogan and taunting the LTTE is at best intimidation; is it not? It can't be nurturing towards the fragile peace in Sri Lanka can it? It can't be nurturing towards a promised democratic solution to the conflict can it?

Lets say I'm Tamil, and lets say I supported the LTTE and lets pretend for a minute that I also lived in Canada. I'd be super pissed at the fact that something I believed in so strongly was destroyed and I'd want revenge. Since, unlike in Sri Lanka I'd be part of the majority here in Canada, the roles would be reversed and I'd want to drive around Toronto shoving my foot up the ass of every flag waving drunk Sri Lankan I'd come across or at the very least; since the police here would squash me like a bug if I really did do that, I'd want to wake up in the middle of the night and stealthy firebomb the local Buddhist temple or a restaurant or two wouldn't I, Eh? Okay, sorry, I'm exaggerating. What's happening in Sri Lanka isn't as bad or as cowardly, but you all get the drift right?

Celebrations are great, a bit patronizing towards the defeated perhaps, and in regards to the big picture in Sri Lanka are maybe uncalled for; but Banda's will be banda's, and I suppose it had to be worked out of their systems. Arrack was for the drinking and flags were for the waving, however amidst the waves of celebratory flags I hope that everyone understands the second phase, the trickier more delicate phase of the peace process, is yet to begin?

What the Banda's need to realize is that the underlying reason for the civil war have to be met to the satisfaction of both parties in order for this delicate peace to be sustainable.

We can't take peace for granted, defeating the LTTE Terrorist group militarily was certainly a step towards the process; but its serves as no grantee. We need to reach out to the Tamil community and seek their advice. We need to show them that we are ready to listen to their concerns and give legitimacy to their suggestions.

Even more important than reaching out to the Tamil community in general; is perhaps reaching out to the pro-LTTE community in Sri Lanka as well as the pro-LTTE expatriates. The government of Sri Lanka and the people it represents, need to show these pro-LTTE elements that they are willing to provide them with a better alternative than what the LTTE Terrorists did. Only then will the peace and the promise of democracy that has spread over Sri Lanka like a nice fluffy duvet, be sustainable.

Duvets smell wonderful right out of the dryer, but they burn just as easily....We can't take peace for granted. We need to think beyond the military victory and hastily take the next step towards sustainable peace.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And now......?

Vino Raja weeps for missing family members in Sri Lanka as she attends a Tamil demonstration on University Avenue yesterday (Craig Robertson, Sun Media) .....she pretty much sums up the sentiment I get from the pro-LTTE protesters here in Toronto: concern. They are shocked by the swift fall of the LTTE in Sri Lanka and believe Tamils in the conflict areas will now be victimized by the Sri Lankan army. Most are skeptical that the Tamil people from LTTE controlled areas will be treated fairly in Sri Lanka. Interestingly what most pro-LTTE protesters omit or choose to ignore is that the majority of Sri Lanka's Tamil population actually live and work in Government controlled areas. Even when the LTTE was at the height of its dominance and had established a defacto state in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka only 43% of Sri Lanka's total tamil population chose to live there...but I digress; the protesters on the streets of Toronto are concerned.

They are concerned for their friends and family who might be amongst the mass of displaced civilians now dependent on outside forces for food, shelter, medicine and basic needs. They are concerned and so am I.

I fear for the civilians not because I believe they will be victimized or denied food and shelter but because of the sheer numbers involved. I fear medical and relief organizations in Sri Lanka won't be able to cope with the immense numbers of displaced civilians and think the Government of Sri Lanka urgently needs to seek the collaboration of international relief agencies if a catastrophe is to be avoided.

Whether the pro-LTTE diaspora's fear of the Sri Lankan Government is ludicrous or otherwise; their concern for the displaced civilians is certainly one I support.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Am I happy that the LTTE is defeated?

Its Victoria day here in Canada and as the firecrackers are being lit my mind wanders to the elation in Sri Lanka and the military defeat the LTTE Terrorist Organization faced this weekend. Certainly there are firecrackers being lit aplenty back in Sri Lanka and the friends and family that I spoke to are all happy. Personally I don't know whether its happiness that I feel, but I know its definitely not sadness.

Unlike some of my fellow expatriate Sri Lankans here in Canada I'm not privy to the inner workings of the LTTE; as such I'm not fully aware of the depth of commitment and representation they have amongst the expatriate Tamil Community here in Canada. I always thought the LTTE Terrorist movement was a clandestine movement funded by select numbers of misguided expatiate Sri Lankans and affiliated street gangs but over the past few weeks my opinion has changed. The protests opened my eyes to another side of the LTTE: The complex face of the international diaspora that funds them.

I have seen how regular everyday expatriates I wouldn't look twice at, support the LTTE. I watched as they thonged the streets of Toronto with their families; hundreds strong at times and chanted along with students from York, Toronto and Ryerson Universities. I saw how they waved the red and yellow LTTE flag and passionately protested their cause. I feel a bit uneasy at the sight of such strong visible support for a banned Terrorist organization in the city that I call my own; but like many Canadians I understand their right to freedom of speech.

But I don't understand why they support the LTTE. I don't understand why they were protesting for a ceasefire to save civilians caught in the crossfire when it was the LTTE that was holding them hostage all along. I don't understand how they claim the LTTE is any better than the government of Sri Lanka. And I don't understand how they claim genocide when its the undeniably the LTTE that has killed and victimized all the other ethnic groups that lived in the areas they controlled including Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.

I do however understand the fear that the LTTE instilled in us Sri Lankans and the way in which they targeted civilians so as to have their demands carry weight. I remember how news of suicide bombings in Colombo sent chills down my spine and how waves of phone calls would flood the phone lines as friends, relatives, parents and children called each other. Calls to check on people, inquire on their safety and inquire after common friends. I understand the panic that the air attacks caused in the Sri Lankan capital and the pandemonium that each raid flung the city into. I understand how the war drove up our cost of living and how the average Sri Lankan struggles to make ends meet.

So do I feel happy that the Terrorist Organization which the pro-LTTE diaspora here support got defeated militarily? I don't know. But I hope this now means they will address their concerns democratically instead of through acts of terror.

Am I happy at the opportunity of re-unification that this now offers Sri Lanka? Of course. Am I looking forward to supporting a democratic solution to the underlying issues that lead to this conflict in the first place? Yes, absolutely....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arson at the Scarborough temple in Toronto

Arsonists set fire to the temple in Scarborough, Ontario this morning amidst news that the war in Sri Lanka was coming to an end. Its not really known whether the arsonists had prior knowledge of the latest developments in the Sri Lankan conflict, but despite the situation in Sri Lanka; regardless of whether the LTTE Terrorist leaders were encircled by the Sri Lankan army and were contemplating suicide or otherwise, setting fire to a temple building was low.

Its my understanding that the act was an act of frustration at the situation in Sri Lanka and a punitive effort at revenge against the Sinhalese community here in Toronto by pro-LTTE elements. I understand that pro-LTTE protesters in Toronto are skeptical of the news that the war in Sri Lanka is coming to an end; but they must really be frustrated if vandalizing a place of worship is to be their response to those events.

It serves no purpose, really and only deepens the divide amongst Sinhalese Canadians and Tamil Canadians here in Toronto. I'm glad the Sinhalese community is acting with restraint and lets hope that its only the extremist elements of the pro-LTTE supporters that endorse such acts. The majority of them will I hope, be more democratic as they interact with their fellow Sri Lankans here in Canada.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pro-LTTE Terrorist news sources

I've always been miffed by how Canadian news coverage and certain elements at York University tend to sensationalize unverified press releases by pro-LTTE sources. Doesn't it occur to them that they might be getting hoodwinked by what's accepted as one of the most ruthless Terrorist Organizations in the world?

Would you read and accept what Al Aqaeda publishes without verification? The LTTE is considered just as ruthless as Al Aqaeda, so why are members of the Canadian media and York University student groups unquestioningly accepting information from pro-LTTE sources?

Shown here is an image released by the LTTE as proof that the Sri Lankan government was shelling the No Fire Zone in Vellamullivaikkal. The uncropped image that subsequently surfaced later on clearly shows a group of individuals calmly standing next to a white mini-van and photographing the proceedings with a digital SLR.

I'm not making allegations, but the only groups who currently have access to mini-vans, fuel and digital SLR cameras in the conflict areas are the LTTE Terrorist organization and the Sri Lankan Army.

Now I don't know about you, but I for one don't think its likely that the Sri Lankan Army gathered a group of civilians together, staged this scene, photographed it, edited it and then posted it up on a pro-LTTE website in support of allegations that the LTTE Terrorists are making; do you?

I'm not saying that this should a reason to accept any press releases made by the Sri Lankan Army without verification either; for that would be just as irresponsible...wouldn't it?

Pro-LTTE Protest shuts down the Gardiner

The Pro-LTTE Terrorist protests have been getting really disruptive of late.

Running up the Spadina on-ramp and causing the Gardiner Expressway to be shut down last Sunday for six hours or so was insane. We're lucky this didn't happen on a weekday for the city core would have literally shut down.

Kudos to Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair for curtailing the use of excessive force against the mob and getting the situation back under control while ensuring that the safety of the protesters was given first priority.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ask the LTTE to grant the civilians safe passage

I just came across this video: True, its taken by Sri Lankan government forces but what it shows can not be denied.

The video shows the LTTE blocking civilians from crossing over to cleared areas and designated no-fire safe zones by firing at them.

aren't the red-LTTE terrorist flag waving protesters demonstrating at Queens park right now not talking about this? Why are they not demanding that individuals close to the LTTE terrorist organizers in Canada address such concerns and work to free the trapped civilians?


Protests in Toronto by pro-LTTE groups have been the rife these days and have really jumped into media view due to the disruption being caused to our city. Most Canadians don't really understand the reason for it, but swivel around and pay attention when they hear the word "Genocide" being brandied about by a crowd that's 12,000 strong.

Genocide? By whom? Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. That's NOT what's happening in Sri Lanka although the red-LTTE terrorist flag waving individuals that are holding the city of Toronto hostage will tell you otherwise. What's happening in Sri Lankan is the entrapment of civilians in a war zone.

These civilians are unable to cross over to safe zones away from the fighting that is occurring between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE terrorists. They are trapped in-between the two groups and are caught in the cross fire.

So why aren't these civilians being allowed to leave and are escourted off the war front you ask? Why are they getting caught in the cross-fire? Well that's exactly what I want to ask the red-flag LTTE terrorist flag waving individuals that have been protesting at Queen's park all day today.

So far all fingers point to the the LTTE terrorists. The UN and other international 3rd party sources have verified that the civilians in the warzone are actively being prevented from leaving.


Why doesn't the LTTE allow these civilians free passage to safer areas? Why are they actively contributing the the death of innocent civilians and why are the red LTTE flag waving protesters not demanding the Terrorist organization that they support; grant these individuals free passage to safer areas?

WHY are they clogging up our streets when in actuality its the LTTE terrorist group that is in actuality, actively causing all these civilians deaths?

Monday, April 20, 2009

LTTE !!! Let them go...!!

I'll join the protesters on parliament hill, or any of the protests currently being being staged in Canada. Heck I'll even wave one of their bloody red and yellow Terrorists flags, I'll do whatever, as long as the LTTE promise to release the poor civilians they are holding hostage...

The LTTE terrorist group are right bastards; cowering behind civilians and abusing the very people they claim to protect while accusing all and sundry of genocide. Its like lying down in front of a Toronto Transit Corp diesel-electric bus and yelling murder when the front wheels thump over one's ribcage.

The video embedded below highlights some of the suffering the civilians being held hostage by the LTTE are subjected too. Before you watch it be warned; its gruesome and has graphic pictures of injured civilians trudging their way to safety after fleeing the LTTE Terrorists.

....I'll even yell anti-government slogans and throw bottles at passing traffic like they did in France yesterday. Heck, I'll do anything just as along as the hypocritical LTTE terrorist sympathizers agree to free the civilians being held hostage, I'm down.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Tigers do not represent anyone : Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby a Conservative peer and chairman of the all-party British-Sri Lanka group has stated that LTTE does not represent the Tamils and either they should surrender or face the risk of being wiped out.

He recently visited Sri Lanka and upon his return reported human rights abuses by the LTTE Terrorists. Embedded below is a video clip where he describes how the LTTE terrorist group has victimized Tamil people and are currently using Tamil civilians as human shields:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An excerpt from a brilliant post by David Blacker about the LTTE Terrorist and the current status quo in Sri Lanka:

As the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam grinds inexorably towards certain defeat for the self-proclaimed representatives of the Tamil nation, there seems to be no great fanfare, no glorious last stands. This revolution dies not with a bang, but with whimpers and cowardice. And lies......Now, as the world watches, a mortally wounded Tiger cowers behind the very people it claims to defend, mauling them as it dies.
Read the full article here

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red Cross (ICRC) as well as the UN confirm that the LTTE are using civilians as human shields

An excerpt that was taken from the "Situation Report" at

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as well as the UN confirm that the LTTE are using civilians as human shields.

With only 28km of land area currently controlled by the LTTE, anyone of a fighting age is forcibly recruited into the LTTE and civilians attempting to flee are being shot, chased and often killed.

Only those that are of no use to the LTTE, the severely injured, the children and the elderly are allowed to leave and even then, only when they have managed to flee and reach the ICRC boat loading area.

Before being loaded onto a boat, a medical decision (Triage) is made as to whether each civilian can survive the journey. Those that are determined high risk are left to die.

The ICRC are, under instruction of the State, now bringing boats ashore in Pulmoddai, from the conflict zone. These boats arrive every few days and carry approximately 480 civilians.

Of those civilians arriving via ICRC boats, a third are seriously injured, a third have relatively minor injuries and the remaining third are bystanders accompanying the injured.

Civilian arrivals are registered, tagged and treated by the Indian & Sri Lankan doctors at Pulmodai Field Hospital. Later, some patients (with bystanders) are transferred to Padaviya Hospital and some stay overnight and then transferred. Those that arrive with no injury and not accompanying any injured are transferred to Padaviya for overnight stay.

Once emergency medical treatment is provided and patients are stabilized, the injured fit enough for travel are then dispatched to Vavuniya Hospital.

Medical supplies to hospitals in the warzone

ACT Sri Lanka is an organization providing relief to Sri Lankan civilians affected by the war. They recently returned after delivering medical supplies such as:





* Morphine
* Pethadine
* Dichlofenac (Volteron)
* Tramadol


* Ciprofloxocin
* Co-Amoxiclav





as well as non-medical supplies such as roll out mattresses, crutches etc to Vavuniya Hospital while is lies adjacent to the war front in Sri Lanka and is the main hospital where civilian casualties are sent.

More details are available via their website.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shame on you: Liberal MP's Gurbax Singh Malhi and Derek Lee

The National Post raises a great point and since its a relatively short article I've reporduced it below:

Terrorism double-standard

National Post Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2009
As members of this editorial board watched tens of thousands of Tamil Canadians throng downtown Toronto on Monday, we couldn't help but be struck by a curious double-standard that afflicts Canadian ethnopolitics. To wit: Why are Canadian Tamils permitted to express support for terrorism in a manner that would be considered outrageous if the demonstrators were Arab or Muslim?

The rally that took place in Toronto on Monday was not just, as organizers claimed, an expression of support for Tamil civilians in war-torn Sri Lanka. Many of the participants carried flags of the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group that practices suicide bombings and abducts children to use as soldiers. (In 2006, Canada's federal government officially designated the Tamil Tigers a terrorist group, a move that criminalized the group's fundraising efforts in this country.) Some of the banners displayed on Monday also depicted Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, a wanted mass murderer who personally authorizes the acts of terrorism the group has committed over the last three decades.

Yet there was little outrage. To our knowledge, no politicians at any level of government have come forward to denounce this open demonstration of support for a banned terrorist group. In fact, Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi recently appeared personally at a similar rally in Ottawa, and another Liberal MP, Derek Lee, has urged other MPs to join in, too.

Imagine for a moment, if the protestors had instead been Arab or Muslim. Would Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Dalton McGuinty and David Miller be silent if 120,000 supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah paralyzed downtown Toronto as they chanted slogans and waved flags praising groups that slaughter Jews?

To his great credit, Mr. Ignatieff recently denounced "Israel Apartheid Week" when he saw that it was being used as a cover for poisonous attacks against the Jewish state. Jason Kenney, the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, has lashed out against the Canadian Arab Federation for its leader's unhinged attacks in the same vein. This zero-tolerance attitude toward terror-apologism is praiseworthy -- but we would like to see it applied across the board. The Sinhalese Sri Lankan victims of Tamil Tiger terrorism are no less deserving of support than the Jewish residents of Ashkelon or Sderot.

The reason for this double standard is obvious: There are more than 200,000 Canadians of Sri Lankan Tamil descent in Canada, enough to comprise a swing vote in suburban Toronto-area ridings. This is the reason that the Liberals were too scared to ban the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization when they were in power -- even with an (otherwise) principled anti-terror activist, Irwin Cotler, ensconced as Justice Minister. It was only when the Conservatives took power that the Tamils were added to the list of banned terrorist groups.

That move was a welcome one: Tamil bagmen can now no longer operate with impunity, extorting "contributions" from Tamil-owned businesses to fund the war back in Sri Lanka. And the police have since busted up a number of fundraising fronts tied to the Tigers. But public figures must also speak out when supporters of the Tigers make a spectacle of themselves, as they did in Toronto.

The message must be: Terrorism is a criminal affront to Canadian values, wherever it is practiced. Just because Canadians don't pay as much attention to Sri Lanka as they do to Israel doesn't change that fact.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LTTE Terrorist Organization attacks a civillian gathering

The LTTE have attacked another civillian gathering in the south region of Akuressa on Tuesday the 10th of March 2009.

A sucide bomber attacked a procession to mark a Muslim festival at around 10.30am. The residents of the area along with government officals and school children were gathered to commemorate the prophet Mohammed's birthday when they were attacked by a LTTE suicide bomber. The suicide bomber rode into their midst on a bicycle from the rear of the procession, which was making its way to the mosque and triggered the detonation upon reaching the midst of them. Two ministers who were attending the function were evactuated from the blast zone with superficial injuries but a dozen civilians are reported to have died and another 45 were evacuated to hospital with serious injuries.

A video from a news agency that was covering the event which shows people being evactuated and footage of the bomb blast is listed below. Please veiw with caution, the footage shows injured civilians, blood human body parts as well as the actual explosion.

Read the full story as listed on Yahoo news, 10th March 2009.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attack on Sri Lankan village by armed insurgents

Armed insurgents have randomly attacked a village in Sri Lanka. The reports currently published indicate that it was an attack that was carried out by the LTTE on unarmed civilians who were tending to their crop.

Friday, March 6, 2009

York University sanctions its Tamil Students Association

Well York University known for its leniency towards student groups and free speech finally made a gesture; albeit a feeble one, but a gesture none the less towards indicating its dissent over the protest taken by the Tamil Students Association.

The Association was fined $500 and had to suspend their activities (meaning they were denied accessed to University resources) for 15 days.

A pretty pathetic slap on the wrist in my opinion. I really think more attention should be paid to these pro-LTTE student groups. I agree with York University's policy of free speech and I certainly agree that student groups should be allowed to promote awareness about issue important to them and society, why should that extent to turning a blind eye towards association with illegal groups and terrorist organizations?

The the LTTE is a recognized terrorist organization. Affiliation, promotion and fundraising activities for them are outlawed in Canada. So why is the University of York allowing a student groups to represent itself via the use of the LTTE flag?

I don't understanding and to me its inconceivable that a student group should be allowed to do so. The LTTE just like Al Qaeda is a recognised terrorist organization that is outlawed and banned in Canada. The LTTE just like Al Qaeda has terrorized Sri Lankan citizens in Sri Lanka and all over the world. They (the LTTE terrorist group) have violated human rights within territory controlled by them and have victimized civilians including members of the ethic population they claim to represent for over two decades. I really don't see much difference between Al Qaeda and the LTTE.

I'd like to know whether the Chancellor of York University, Roy McMurtry, would allow a student group to affiliate themselves with Al Qaeda, promote their ideology on campus and display paraphernalia known to be associated with Al Qaeda on campus. Obviously not. So why the double standard when it comes to the LTTE terrorist group?

Friday, February 20, 2009

UN envoy tours Sri Lankan government run relief camps

I've been reading many posts on pro-LTTE websites claiming that the relief camps run by the Sri Lankan government are little more than concentration camps and that the civilians in those camps have limited access to food and medicine.

Interestingly enough John Holmes, the UN's senior humanitarian official toured these government run camps today (Friday the 20th of Febuary). His findings concluded that food and shelter are adequate and that the camps for Sri Lanka's displaced appeared to meet international standards.

Funny how the pro-LTTE terrorist websites all got their facts completely wrong. I guess their source for this information must be the individuals who are shooting at civilians trying to exit the conflict areas...

Online petition over the protest staged by the YUTSA

An online petition has been created to be sent to York University over the recent protest that was held on university premises by the York University's Tamil Student Association. The petition is as follows:


On February 17th 2009, there was a very serious incident that occurred on York University campus. The York University Tamil Students Association (YUTSA) held a rally for a separate state in Sri Lanka in support of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), arguably the most lethal and well organized terrorist group in the world. It was insulting enough that YUTSA waved the LTTE flags but they took it much further by lighting the Sri Lankan Flag on fire. This insult to all Sri Lankans was perpetrated in front of Vari Hall for thousands to witness. Furthermore, when a Sri Lankan student tried to stop them by putting out the fire, these members of YUTSA began a physical altercation with the student. The Sri Lankan community in Canada and abroad are outraged by these acts of hate directed towards all Sri Lankans.

People are questioning how this could happen on the campus of an educational institution. We put the blame solely in the hands of York University and the clubs that organized it; how can a university allow a rally in support of terrorism, and have the burning of a flag go unpunished? We also put the blame on YFS (York Federation of Students) and USAY (United South Asians at York) as they both helped to organize and supported the rally. The university should be ashamed of what it has let happen on its property. We would like to thank the York security and the York regional police who stepped in to put an end to the rally before it began to escalate even further. We are fed up with how the university has dealt with YUTSA’s support of the LTTE over and over through out the past couple of years. It seems to be the situation we Sri Lankans have to face every year at York. We have seen terrorist flags raised on campus property for the past few years and it seems that York administration is turning a blind eye to the situation. A Sri Lankan flag is burned, York University shrugs its shoulders. Will it take the assault of a Sri Lankan student to finally get the attention of York University? We demand that YUTSA discontinues the use of the LTTE terrorist flag, we demand that York University takes action against YUTSA for burning the Sri Lankan national flag. The Sri Lankan community of Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays also asks for an apology from YUTSA and York University! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IN SUPPORT!

Click here to sign

Civilian abuse by the LTTE

Human Rights Watch one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights released a comprehensive report in December outlining how the LTTE terrorist group abuses civilians in the areas under their control. Read the complete report here.

Human sheilds

I'm glad the international media is picking up on the truth behind the trapped civilians in Sri Lanka. This clip which is a couple of days old is from the Indian news channel: IBNLive

True, there are thousands of civilians trapped in a what has now become an active conflict zone due to the advances made by the Sri Lankan Army. This was an orchestrated consequence of the rapid gain in territory and the Sri Lankan army have repeatedly stated that they are providing safe passage to any civilians entering government controlled areas via the safe zones and safe passage routes that have been setup.

Depite 20,000 or so civilians coming out of these conflict areas using these safe routes the majority remain trapped in this area despite the best efforts of the IFRC, the UN and other international humanitarian groups to extract them. And all current evidence suggests that the LTTE terrorist group, are using these non-combatants as human sheilds.

A Media report from Al Jazeera published on the 17th of Febuary states that: "Tamil rebels have prevented thousands of civilians from leaving Sri Lanka's war zone and also used force against them, the UN says."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) stages a protest in support of the LTTE Terrorist Organization

York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) staged a protest on the 18th of Feb claiming genocide by the Sri Lankan government towards the Tamil people in Northern Sri Lanka.

Despite waving the LTTE flag around, burning the Sri Lankan national flag and making a general ruckus; the claims raised during that protest of genocide and marginalization by the Government of Sri Lanka have no basis or fact.

1. Claims of Genocide: There is no genocide in Sri Lanka. If any claim of genocide to be made; it should be made against the LTTE Terrorist Organization. The UN claims the LTTE is preventing civilians from leaving conflict zones. The BCC has a collaborating article which goes onto state that despite evidence to the contrary, the LTTE disputes claims that its using civilians as human shields. But who are we going to believe? The UN or a terrorist organization that is guilty of orchestrating a suicide bomb attack on a relief camp setup for very population that they are claiming to be protecting?

While the terrorists are doing their level best to disrupt the flow of civilians from the conflict zones to areas where they are safe and can obtain food and medical assistance; the Sri Lankan Government has been providing them with food, medicine and working with International aid organizations to facilitate safe passage for the people caught in the crossfire. So what's all this about genocide again? Did someone say false propaganda?

2. Marginalization:
What a lot of people fail to recognize is that the modern socio-economic environment in Sri Lanka is a far cry from the Sri Lanka of 20 years ago. Just because African Americans were marginalized 20 years ago in the southern American States does that mean its like that now? No, exactly. Modern Sri Lanka is a multicultural society. Diversity laws are in place to ensure that Sinhalese and Tamil members of Sri Lankan society have equal access to schooling and equal opportunity in the workplace. These diversity laws allow individuals from minority groups and rural areas preferable access to higher education, much like the system that is in place here in Canada. In fact before he was assassinated by the LTTE terrorist organization Lakshman Kadirgamar, an eminent Tamil lawyer and Sri Lanka's former Foreign Minister, was the favoured prime-ministerial candidate of the political party that was in office at the time. Its akin to Obama becoming president; and if it wasn't for the LTTE terrorist organization like Obama, Sri Lanka too would have had a person from a minority in high political office. Lakshman Kadiragama is only an example, in actuality the LTTE terrorist organization has assassinated many other prominent members of Sri Lanka's Tamil community. For a minority having elected politicians to promote issues that are important to them as a group is often the best way to fight marginalization. So how come the LTTE terrorist group keeps assassinating these individuals while groups that support the LTTE terrorist organization such as York University's Tamil Student Association (YUTSA) keep harbouring on about marginalization? It doesn't make sense does it?

In my opinion the protest was based on fallacy, and was merely an excuse to misguide York's student body. If anyone can substantiate any of the claims made by this group, I'd be very interested to hear them.

Toronto's Tamil diaspora protest against 'genocide'.

Genocide? Well if that's the case then its the LTTE committing genocide.

The Government of Sri Lanka has not prevented civilians form leaving the conflict areas in fact the Sri Lankan army is actively trying to extract the remaining civilian population, despite the Terrorist best efforts to disrupt that process by firing on civilians trying leave conflict zones and orchestrating a suicide bomb attack at a camp for displaced civilians.

So why would a Terror group claiming to represent Tamil rights in northern Sri Lanka deny parts of very population they claim to protect, gaining access to medicine, food and shelter? I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine, but logic states that the civilians are being used as a human shield by the LTTE.

Accusations of genocide in Sri Lanka

Enough Already with the Genocide Talk: By John Thompson the President of the Mackenzie Institute which studies political instability and terrorism. He can be reached at:

The accusations of genocide in Sri Lanka are getting annoying... and not in the usual ways. Anybody who takes the charge seriously betrays a highly annoying ignorance about the state of affairs between Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Genocide is not happening in Sri Lanka. Plenty of other nasty things are; but genocide is not one of them.

The LTTE and its supporters in the international Tamil Diaspora they dominate would like us to slap the label of 'genocide' onto the Sri Lankan government. Ignore this campaign.

Forget the 'black hat' vs. 'white hat' morality play. In fact, forget this when looking at any civil war in any country. Where human beings are involved, nothing is ever simple.

It seems that everyone knows that in Sri Lanka, some 75% or so of the population are Sinhalese and therefore mostly Buddhist; some 15% are Tamil and mostly Hindu; and the rest are Muslim, Burghers, Malays, etc. But things still aren't that simple.

The Tamils alone have numerous cleavages based on the antiquity of their community in Sri Lanka, their caste, the main local occupation; etc, etc. Moreover, in many rural communities, telling these Dravidian people apart is impossible, especially as intermarriage and all the other little human connections come into play.

Yet the LTTE claims to represent all Tamils on the Island; and murdered tens of thousands of them to underscore the point. They've killed Tamils from rival insurgent movements, from federalist parties, schoolteachers who wouldn't let them recruit children from their classrooms, people who wouldn't pay extorted 'war taxes', and many more.

When engaged in 'Ethnic Cleansing' (a favorite LTTE activity a few years back), it was hard to segregate Sinhalese from Tamils from Muslims when walloping machetes into panicked villagers in the middle of the night. Grenades tossed in crowded cellars aren't discriminating either. Truck bombs rammed into office towers and time bombs on crowded buses also couldn't differentiate between Sinhalese and Tamils.

Many observers who pay close attention to the 35 year history of the LTTE believe that the Tigers have killed more Tamils than the government. It's also true that the government has killed more Sinhalese than the Tamil Tigers ever managed: In the past 40 years two uprisings by Maoist Sinhalese were suppressed with extreme ruthlessness and tens of thousands died. Sri Lanka has been far more discriminating in fighting the Tamil Tigers.

The Sri Lankan government is certainly guilty of human rights abuses, and the current government's behaviour can be very troubling. Yet genocide is one crime that they cannot be accused of; no matter how shrill the wailing from Tiger's propaganda outlets.

Lately, those outlets have been shrill indeed. After 25 years of guerrilla warfare and 35 years of terrorism, the Tigers are finally being crushed. Whole regions of the country have been quiet for months, the Tiger air force has vanished, their artillery has been captured, and their founder and leader has apparently deserted his remaining forces.

But like Hitler or Saddam Hussein; Vellupillai Prabhakaran is not above sacrificing anybody his followers can compel into service. As the last guerrilla forces retreated into their final sanctuary, they dragged in every Tamil civilian they could find as a human shield.

Now, the Tigers are screaming that genocide is being perpetrated on their human shields... Well, this could be easily solved by laying down their arms and surrendering; but instead they seem determined to fight to the death.

The Tigers under siege are screaming for food and medical aid to be sent to their hostages. The Sri Lankan Army doesn't share this misplaced compassion.

The Tigers are screaming for a cease-fire. Every ceasefire that occurred in the past 25 years was used as an opportunity to re-arm and re-fit, before the Tigers ended it with a new offensive. The Sri Lankan government can be forgiven for preferring surrender to a cease-fire.

Wars are terrible things, and it is best that they be ended - not be prolonged. The Sri Lankan Civil War, after over 70,000 dead and 25 years of ruin and expense, is finally coming to an end. Let it end.

Canada should retract its call for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, and instead call on the Tigers to surrender. As for those people busy pressing the 'genocide' button; leave it alone. It won't work if it keeps being misused.

The Mackenzie Institute

The Institute was formed in 1986 to provide research and comment on such diverse subjects as terrorism, organized crime, political extremism, propaganda, conflict and other such matters. It does not shy away from controversy.

The Institute holds to the proposition that our democratic institutions need to be defended and enhanced, and works to do what it can to protect the stability of Canadian society.

Those who support its purposes are invited to become Friends of the Institute, and those who contribute $60 (or more) to it, receive its publications for the next twelve months.
The Mackenzie Institute
PO Box 338, Adelaide Station
Toronto, Ontario

Speech by Sri Lankan Consulate General Bandula Jayasekara on the 61st Independance day celebration

Iron Curtains in Toronto

Iron Curtains in Toronto is by Bandula Jayasekara- Sri Lanka’s Consul General for Toronto and it was published in a Sri Lankan daily: 'The Daily Mirror' - 19/02/2009

Why do people take wings to another country? Because they think they could better their lives, integrate with others and live peacefully. They all come in search of a new beginning. But, what happens when those dreams are shattered and they have to some time live like slaves, live with fear and intimidation. What happens when most of them are allowed to integrate with others but, are forced to listen to lies and terrorist propaganda and even their children born here are forced to hate other communities and brainwashed.

That is what has happened to most of our Sri Lankan Tamil brothers and sisters living in Toronto. We all know that they are cultured people and they know the value of education. But, they are not allowed to have their free will and live the way they want to. Most of them are bombarded with Tamil hatred Tiger propaganda with hundreds of newspapers, radio and television channels and websites. They are separated from others. Though we have proudly shared the Sinhala/Tamil New Year for several centuries the Tamil Tigers/supporters are trying to remove the word Sinhala here. Earlier members of the Sri Lankan community had got together annually to have a day of fun at the Wonderland in Toronto. The LTTE terrorists had successfully divided that too using threats and intimidation. It is very sad how they have failed to learn the Canadian values of sharing and Canadian multiculturalism even after 25 years. How could one community be harassed like this by supporters of terrorism in a Western democracy? How come they are forced to close their shops and other work places to ‘celebrate’ the birthday of a terrorist leader who is wanted for the killing of the grandson of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and thousands of innocent people and wanted by the Interpol? How come they don’t respect Canada the same way and close shops on Canada Day, questioned a Sri Lankan Tamils who face harassment by them.

Reports say that nearly 8000 former LTTE terrorists are here in Canada, mainly Toronto. It is time they stop even small scale threats to others even now because they have left their guns and cyanide capsules behind.

Though the media here identify the LTTE as Tamil Tigers, I do not like to use the word Tamil to describe this terrorist organization though I have no choice at times. It is because by using the word Tamil, it brings disgrace to innocent, respected and peace loving Tamils living in Sri Lanka and all over the world. It is time we look for a new word to describe them.


When the Sri Lankan cricket team was in Toronto, a so called community newspaper described by many as supportive/sympathetic to the terrorists had its photo caption “Tamils protest against Sri Lankan cricket team” It hurt the sentiments of innocent Sri Lankan Tamils living in Toronto because most of them defied the orders of terrorist supporters and cheered for the Sri Lankan team. Cricket is a religion in Sri Lanka and a game that bonds. Our Sri Lankan Tamils were hurt that terrorist supporters tried to break that bond. My table of twelve at the gala dinner had six Sri Lankan Tamils. They are true Sri Lankans with no malice.

Sinhala, Muslim, Malay, Burgher and our Sri Lankan Tamil brothers and sisters who had defied the LTTE terrorists are saddened that many Sri Lankan Tamils are harassed here and they are forced to part even with the little money they earn here. One person, I met at the Temple told me “We all are working hard to make a living here. But, I am sad that our Tamil brothers and sisters have to give even from that small amount they earn to these terrorists.” Most of them are coming out in the open without fear after the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper banned the LTTE and the WTM as terrorist organizations. However, many of them are still scared to come to the open for fear of threats from the LTTE terrorists.

Dreams do come true

We as Sri Lankans with the help of Canadians are trying hard to bring people together, bring them out of the terror caves of the LTTE terrorists and their supporters here. The task is hard here than back home, because of the damage the terrorist supporters have done and the hatred they have created among young children who were born here. They have never seen Sri Lanka but brainwashed heavily under the winds of democracy in Canada. Do you think there is a worse crime than brainwashing innocent children? That too whilst living in a country which practices multiculturalism.

We believe that terrorists can shed their stripes. Once a terrorist does not always have to remain a terrorist. It is not impossible. Sri Lanka proved to the world by bringing the second in command of the LTTE terrorists, Karuna to the parliament and man others to the democratic path.

Our dream here is to bring all Sri Lankans together. Many dreams do come true

So the blog's up

I've been toying with the idea of throwing a blog together for a while and current events in Toronto led me to take the plunge. This city is seething with political undercurrents which are coming to a head now that the war in Sri Lanka has intensified.

Though there are already view points aplenty, most of them are biased and indirectly support the LTTE. Some through sheer ignorance / gullibility believe the propaganda that is churned out by the many front organizations that the LTTE shelters behind and fail to consider the other side of the coin.

People with veiwpoints need a platform to speak out responsiably and hopefully this will the place to do it.