Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LTTE Terrorist Organization attacks a civillian gathering

The LTTE have attacked another civillian gathering in the south region of Akuressa on Tuesday the 10th of March 2009.

A sucide bomber attacked a procession to mark a Muslim festival at around 10.30am. The residents of the area along with government officals and school children were gathered to commemorate the prophet Mohammed's birthday when they were attacked by a LTTE suicide bomber. The suicide bomber rode into their midst on a bicycle from the rear of the procession, which was making its way to the mosque and triggered the detonation upon reaching the midst of them. Two ministers who were attending the function were evactuated from the blast zone with superficial injuries but a dozen civilians are reported to have died and another 45 were evacuated to hospital with serious injuries.

A video from a news agency that was covering the event which shows people being evactuated and footage of the bomb blast is listed below. Please veiw with caution, the footage shows injured civilians, blood human body parts as well as the actual explosion.

Read the full story as listed on Yahoo news, 10th March 2009.

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