Monday, November 2, 2009

As ignorant as I am...

I can spot passion and a well written blog post. I was sent this link on facebook and think the post is an absolute scorcher ! I've reproduced it below for your reading pleasure:

As posted on on 2nd November 2009:


Radhika I read that you are planning to bring yet another UN official, Maj.General. Patrick Cammaert to inspect the IDP camps. The camps have already been inspected by Sir John Holmes, Lord Naseby, Ban Ki Moon, Congress members from USA, the delegation from South India plus innumerable others. In addition we have UN organizations and workers helping in the camps, 52 NGOS & INGOS you name it they are all there. You want to bring yet another person to inspect as if the camps have not been inspected enough. I am not sure what you hope to achieve other than provide Maj. Cammaert with a nice holiday in Sri Lanka. He will probably go back and make out a report which will be dictated by you.

If you are truly concerned as the rest of UN on Human Rights, how come no one at the UN has raised a word against carpet bombing of Baghdad by USA to capture Saddam Hussein? How many innocent men, women, and CHILDREN died in the waves of “shock and awe” bombings? It is estimated to close to a million people died. How many refugees were created in Iraq ? Even two weeks ago when Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan and Afghanistan to improve relations with US there, she was questioned about the civilian casualties which had been caused by the bombing raids of US forces. Her answer was “Our two countries are fighting a common enemy. Some civilian casualties are inevitable in trying to destroy the enemy”. Why do the UN, USA, EU have double standards when it comes to civilian casualties in trying to fight terrorism ? When it is done by these countries, it is acceptable collateral damage. When it happens in a poor helpless country such as Sri Lanka, it is considered a war crime. How about investigating the child abuses in the Catholic church? Over $2 billion had been paid out by the Church to silence the abused children in USA alone. How about child abuse in Brazil, and all the poor countries by the Catholic Church? How about helping the Tamil Dalit children in Tamil Nadu? The children of the Dalits are forced under institutionalized slavery to scrape human fecal matter off the roads into tin cans. If you have not already seen the film “Slum dog Millionaire” I suggest you watch it along with your UN colleagues.

Radhika, you studied in Sri Lanka at Government expense, enjoyed the benefits of free medical care, and your father was appointed as an Ambassador for the Sri Lanka Government which enabled you to move abroad, further your studies in USA, and later contact all VIPs and land a job at the UN (that was done under GoSL sponsorship). Now you are using that same position at the UN to make out that the Tamils are discriminated against in Sri Lanka.

Was your family, as Tamils, ever discriminated against ? If so, how did your father end in the top echelons of the Sri Lanka diplomatic service ? Your father was a good man and he must be now turning in his grave when he sees what you are up to. He was a man of integrity and did his duty by the country.

What have you done Radhika? You have used every opportunity to lie about Sri Lanka to the International Community, to fan the flames of racial hatred, to use cheat and deceit at every turn to bring down the country which nurtured, respected and protected you.

We have not forgotten the R2P incident either which involved ICES, the Research Institute in Lanka, of which you are the Directress.

During the last stages of the the battle with the LTTE, the Sri Lanka army soldiers made many sacrifices to save the civilians. There are many stories which the IDPs have told about the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers. There are pictures of the soldiers carrying old Tamil women on their back because they were too weak to walk in flooded waters. The war could have been finished last year if the Sri Lanka government decided to do what the USA did in Baghdad and just carpet bomb the entire area of the LTTE with the civilians. Instead they chose to carefully target only the terrorist cadre. As a result their losses were high and the war dragged on for a longer time. Do the UN or the Western countries acknowledge this sacrifice by the Sri Lanka Government and the forces?

Do you know why, in spite of all the money the Tamil diaspora spent to bring down Sri Lanka, the country is still standing? It is because Truth is a very powerful thing ! The entire LTTE movement was based on a huge lie, as was the Tamil Diaspora lies against the Sinhalese. When the Tamil diaspora were panting after acquisition of the jewel in the Indian Ocean for them selves and spent close to $4.5 Billion in arms (which are now in the bottom of the Indian ocean and in the hands of the Sri Lanka army) just as they thought they had it in their grasp they lost it all. Don’t you think that this POWER whatever name we call it (God, Allah, Truth, Dharma etc.,) has a sense of humor?All people from the countries which were colonized by the British are now walking the streets in England. It is the same in France and Europe. Some in the Tamil Diaspora abroad think that that other people are really stupid and only they are clever. Every scam they have pulled as come to nought and the more they are caught with lies the less believable they become to other people. How come no one has asked the opinion of the Tamils who have lived in Sri Lanka for the last 30 years among the Sinhalese.

In 1948, when Sri Lanka became Independent we decided to provide free education, free medical care and free food for people with incomes below a certain level. There was no discrimination against Tamil or Sinhalese. Everyone got the same. Even the Tamil Dalits who came ILLEGALLY across the Palk Straits as Sakkilis to carry the buckets from the Colombo homes got the same benefits. I remember standing in the line at CWE with my rice ration book to collect the parboiled rice at subsidized price along with some of these people. Such was the fair play in Lanka.

You appear to be an ungrateful person and I can guarantee none of the wealth you have amassed by cheat and deceit toward Lanka will do you any good. Just like Raj Rajaratnam and Bernard Madoff that money will do you no good.

Your parents & your brother were decent people. What happened to you? Are you doing all this out of fear of LTTE or for the money, or both. I think it is for the money. A day may come when you may not have your privileged position. There are people in Sri Lanka who will remember what you did against the country.

Having lived in Sri Lanka even though you are not a Buddhist you may have absorbed a little bit of the Buddhist culture which gave you the free education and medical care. In addition, this feeling of ‘Anicca’ which pervades the lives of the Sinhalese is what makes them so liberal, because they know that they are not going to live forever and that they cannot carry any thing out of this world. In the end all you have is your good name and the feeling in your Heart that you lived the good life. Even at this late stage you can change. Always remember : “Dhammo bhave rakkhati Dhamma chari” (those who live by the Dharma are protected by the Dharma).

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