Friday, May 15, 2009

Pro-LTTE Terrorist news sources

I've always been miffed by how Canadian news coverage and certain elements at York University tend to sensationalize unverified press releases by pro-LTTE sources. Doesn't it occur to them that they might be getting hoodwinked by what's accepted as one of the most ruthless Terrorist Organizations in the world?

Would you read and accept what Al Aqaeda publishes without verification? The LTTE is considered just as ruthless as Al Aqaeda, so why are members of the Canadian media and York University student groups unquestioningly accepting information from pro-LTTE sources?

Shown here is an image released by the LTTE as proof that the Sri Lankan government was shelling the No Fire Zone in Vellamullivaikkal. The uncropped image that subsequently surfaced later on clearly shows a group of individuals calmly standing next to a white mini-van and photographing the proceedings with a digital SLR.

I'm not making allegations, but the only groups who currently have access to mini-vans, fuel and digital SLR cameras in the conflict areas are the LTTE Terrorist organization and the Sri Lankan Army.

Now I don't know about you, but I for one don't think its likely that the Sri Lankan Army gathered a group of civilians together, staged this scene, photographed it, edited it and then posted it up on a pro-LTTE website in support of allegations that the LTTE Terrorists are making; do you?

I'm not saying that this should a reason to accept any press releases made by the Sri Lankan Army without verification either; for that would be just as irresponsible...wouldn't it?

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