Monday, May 25, 2009

Pacifists wanted. Flag waving louts: hang on a bit please....

I agree, the defeat of the LTTE militarily is without doubt is the best thing that has happened in Sri Lanka's in recent history. However what's with the louts and their flag waving ways people?

I understand the jubilation and the need to express elation at finally being rid of the terrorist that was on everyone's back. If I were in Sri Lanka I'd probably feel happy too and like most, might smile benevolently at the local banda's staggering about waving flags and lighting fireworks; but really is that stuff helping anyone?

I mean crowds of predominantly Sinhalese and Muslim crowds driving around Sri Lanka chanting pro-government slogan and taunting the LTTE is at best intimidation; is it not? It can't be nurturing towards the fragile peace in Sri Lanka can it? It can't be nurturing towards a promised democratic solution to the conflict can it?

Lets say I'm Tamil, and lets say I supported the LTTE and lets pretend for a minute that I also lived in Canada. I'd be super pissed at the fact that something I believed in so strongly was destroyed and I'd want revenge. Since, unlike in Sri Lanka I'd be part of the majority here in Canada, the roles would be reversed and I'd want to drive around Toronto shoving my foot up the ass of every flag waving drunk Sri Lankan I'd come across or at the very least; since the police here would squash me like a bug if I really did do that, I'd want to wake up in the middle of the night and stealthy firebomb the local Buddhist temple or a restaurant or two wouldn't I, Eh? Okay, sorry, I'm exaggerating. What's happening in Sri Lanka isn't as bad or as cowardly, but you all get the drift right?

Celebrations are great, a bit patronizing towards the defeated perhaps, and in regards to the big picture in Sri Lanka are maybe uncalled for; but Banda's will be banda's, and I suppose it had to be worked out of their systems. Arrack was for the drinking and flags were for the waving, however amidst the waves of celebratory flags I hope that everyone understands the second phase, the trickier more delicate phase of the peace process, is yet to begin?

What the Banda's need to realize is that the underlying reason for the civil war have to be met to the satisfaction of both parties in order for this delicate peace to be sustainable.

We can't take peace for granted, defeating the LTTE Terrorist group militarily was certainly a step towards the process; but its serves as no grantee. We need to reach out to the Tamil community and seek their advice. We need to show them that we are ready to listen to their concerns and give legitimacy to their suggestions.

Even more important than reaching out to the Tamil community in general; is perhaps reaching out to the pro-LTTE community in Sri Lanka as well as the pro-LTTE expatriates. The government of Sri Lanka and the people it represents, need to show these pro-LTTE elements that they are willing to provide them with a better alternative than what the LTTE Terrorists did. Only then will the peace and the promise of democracy that has spread over Sri Lanka like a nice fluffy duvet, be sustainable.

Duvets smell wonderful right out of the dryer, but they burn just as easily....We can't take peace for granted. We need to think beyond the military victory and hastily take the next step towards sustainable peace.


  1. Good post, hope that what you wish for comes to pass.

    Removing the emergency regulations and the checkpoints will be a good starting point.

    It may also be a good time to reflect on some of the issues that lead to the problem. Found these essays to be very informative, collected them together here:

  2. just talking to relatives for context, I don't think anybody who describes themselves as followers of LTTE ideology or hard-core nationalists can be convinced or persuaded that working within the accepted and legal channels is worthwhile. It is paranoia which provides the subtext for extremely publicity-shy tamils who are giving money to relief efforts and for the recalcitrant nationalists I mention above.

    as much as I want to hope, I cannot do so with the knowledge that the fringe is likely lost to anybody with a firm grasp of what is wrong and what is right.

    You don't need to have agents of the LTTE running about for their vile agenda to survive for dissemination into a new generation