Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arson at the Scarborough temple in Toronto

Arsonists set fire to the temple in Scarborough, Ontario this morning amidst news that the war in Sri Lanka was coming to an end. Its not really known whether the arsonists had prior knowledge of the latest developments in the Sri Lankan conflict, but despite the situation in Sri Lanka; regardless of whether the LTTE Terrorist leaders were encircled by the Sri Lankan army and were contemplating suicide or otherwise, setting fire to a temple building was low.

Its my understanding that the act was an act of frustration at the situation in Sri Lanka and a punitive effort at revenge against the Sinhalese community here in Toronto by pro-LTTE elements. I understand that pro-LTTE protesters in Toronto are skeptical of the news that the war in Sri Lanka is coming to an end; but they must really be frustrated if vandalizing a place of worship is to be their response to those events.

It serves no purpose, really and only deepens the divide amongst Sinhalese Canadians and Tamil Canadians here in Toronto. I'm glad the Sinhalese community is acting with restraint and lets hope that its only the extremist elements of the pro-LTTE supporters that endorse such acts. The majority of them will I hope, be more democratic as they interact with their fellow Sri Lankans here in Canada.


  1. This is so lame. What has a religion to do with a race? There are plenty of christian sinhalese people, and many temples have little shrines for hindu gods where buddhists go to. Attacking temples is just ...meaningless...

  2. Exactly DeeCee, this has absolutely no bearing and just serves to exacerbate things. Its like you say: Meaningless...