Monday, April 20, 2009

LTTE !!! Let them go...!!

I'll join the protesters on parliament hill, or any of the protests currently being being staged in Canada. Heck I'll even wave one of their bloody red and yellow Terrorists flags, I'll do whatever, as long as the LTTE promise to release the poor civilians they are holding hostage...

The LTTE terrorist group are right bastards; cowering behind civilians and abusing the very people they claim to protect while accusing all and sundry of genocide. Its like lying down in front of a Toronto Transit Corp diesel-electric bus and yelling murder when the front wheels thump over one's ribcage.

The video embedded below highlights some of the suffering the civilians being held hostage by the LTTE are subjected too. Before you watch it be warned; its gruesome and has graphic pictures of injured civilians trudging their way to safety after fleeing the LTTE Terrorists.

....I'll even yell anti-government slogans and throw bottles at passing traffic like they did in France yesterday. Heck, I'll do anything just as along as the hypocritical LTTE terrorist sympathizers agree to free the civilians being held hostage, I'm down.

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